Hello, I am Mike Downing, President of Pure Commitment Inc., and founder of Reboot Pure Stress Reduction training; Located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Great news! The Reboot Pure training program has expanded into the workplace.

We provide the best kept secret in Palm Beach County, says; Mike Downing, and it’s time to go public by partnering with local businesses, ready or not here we come!

The initial proposal is geared toward any business considering stress reduction and leadership training services are within 150 miles of Palm Beach County.

Scheduling time is limited for 2017, be sure to contact Mike and get your company reserved for 2018.

  • PCI, provides training modules to support transitional change, adoption and employee retention.
  • PCI, training methodology is a modern and systematic program that would invariably if adhered to diligently help the recipient in ways they never thought possible. As it has been said, experience is the best teacher.

Today’s business environment has never been better for learning how to activate the much needed training modules to reduce stress in the workplace and home.

The good news is that you’re just a step away from Mike.

Contact Mike today using the contact form here or phone direct

(561) 868-6808

The Reboot Pure Solution by Mike Downing