What Mike Does

One of Mike’s greatest gifts is the power of his ability to facilitate/activate change to prevent relapse.

The first 120 days after a life change decision/program are the most difficult. His experience allows him to cover a wide range of life transition issues. Clients may be intimidated by new rules, new skills, or new circumstances in their life. Whether it be senior transitions, sobriety, weight loss, conflict and stress, addictions, marriage, pornography and fidelity issues – Mike skillfully provides the momentum and strength they need, at any given time of the day, to be the most focused, committed and productive in their desired changes to their daily life.

Skilled Conversations include:

  • Marriage – Couples seeking balance – learning how to solve/reduce problems
  • Weight loss/management and food preparation/nutrition
  • Managing anger, grief, depression and other emotional pressures
  • Work and career issues
  • Learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Conflict resolution
  • Purity (pornography and fidelity issues)
  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals and values
  • Senior transitions (widowhood, moving to Care Facilities, budgets)

Mike is very insightful, focused and energetic to be around. His body of experience and methodology uniquely qualifies him to come alongside them in their journey to a newer committed lifestyle. He knows what it is like to “walk the walk” and can naturally assimilate into their environment. This results in an essential level of comfort and transformation for his clients.

Common Scenarios:

A) A Client is currently overindulging in a destructive activity or behavior which is eating away at their character, reputation, spirit or health. A client has tried as hard as they can yet the change they desire is not sustained. Trying harder is not working. Common examples are struggles with alcohol, drugs, weight, and marriage/sexual/fidelity issues. Mike can help the client determine whether rehabilitation or detox environment is needed or to begin their committed lifestyle from where they are at now.

B) A Client is “stuck” in a habit or behavior they wish to or are being forced to change. The client needs someone to come alongside them to turn their thoughts into action. Examples could be marriage and intimacy changes, fidelity, or emotional maturity.

C) A Client is already in a Detox or Rehab environment and is about to be released. They need someone who can personally assist, advise and support them upon departure from the “protected environment”. They also desire help in creating and implementing a plan for success in their new sober lifestyle.

D) A Client has already begun the recovery process. They need a personal, private mentor/facilitator to guide and support them in successfully creating, incorporating and maintaining their new desired lifestyle into their normal everyday life. Examples could be post-divorce or post rehab.

E) A Client has relapsed and needs 24/7 attention to get back on track.

F) A Client wants a revisit or refresher of core fundamentals to recovered life.

G) A Client has suffered loss of a loved one and must learn how to process their loss, live alone, budget, downsize and all the other emotions that divorce/death bring to the scenario.

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