Mike is most valued by his clients for his discreet, committed and flexible approach to facilitating change in their lives.

To ensure client privacy, all phone calls go directly to his cell phone and he is the only person listening to the voice and email messages. Purposely, there are no secretaries/assistants so that Mike is the only one who can access a client’s personal information.

Mike travels locally and globally to meet his clients needs and lifestyles – up to 24/7.

He will customize a plan that will best fit your particular position and needs.


Commitment Companion – 24/7

Designed to provide a 24/7 “bridge” of transitional support between leaving rehab or a destructive/hurtful situation to a clients new healthier “normal”.

Travel – will travel anywhere providing a discreet, continuous “commitment” presence while inconspicuously accompanying the client on business travel/projects/events/tours/personal vacations etc.

Local – Stay with a client at their home or at a nearby hotel for as long as is needed to build strong new habits, routines and relationships in the clients “real world” environment. He will be with the client at home, office, business meetings and functions and social activities to facilitate healthy new recovery practices.

Commitment Coach

Facilitation up to 12 weeks custom designed to the clients needs using an assortment of thought provoking conversations and tools including one on one conversations in your home, office or over the phone.

Commitment Chaperone

A personal chaperone to accompany the client to one time social, family or private functions ensuring and reinforcing the clients commitment to change.

Learn how to stop the addiction cycle – live training class offered in Palm Beach County, FL

Reboot Pure Training Program includes other cross over addictions like alcohol, gambling and overeating.

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